Lawmaker Profile

Sen. John Cornyn

[R, TX]
In 2014, Texans overwhelmingly re-elected

Senator John Cornyn to represent them for a third term

in the U.S. Senate.

Since he was first elected in 2002, Sen. Cornyn

has earned a national reputation as an articulate and

powerful voice for Texas and conservative values in

Washington. Sen. Cornyn, a San Antonio native, strongly

believes that we need more Texas solutions in

Washington, which is why he consistently fights to bring

the Lone Star State's commonsense solutions to the

federal level.

He has committed himself to strengthening our

national defense, securing our borders, repairing our

broken immigration system and strengthening the

economy by keeping taxes low, reducing federal

spending, and fighting job-killing regulations from

Washington bureaucrats. Sen. Cornyn has also been a

tireless advocate for Texas military personnel, veterans,

and their families, and he has fought to provide these

brave Americans with the best possible support, care,

and benefits.

In addition to serving on the Senate Finance,

Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees, Sen. Cornyn

serves as the Majority Whip, a position that gives Texas a

powerful seat at Congress' leadership table.

Sen. Cornyn has served the people of Texas for

the last three decades, first as a district judge and later

as a member of the Texas Supreme Court and Texas

Attorney General. He received his undergraduate degree

from Trinity University, his law degree from St. Mary's

School of Law, and his LLM from the University of Virginia

Law School.

Sen. Cornyn married his wife Sandy in 1979, and

they have two grown daughters.

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