POPVOX is a neutral, nonpartisan platform for civic engagement and governing.


To provide technology that informs and empowers people and makes government work better for everyone.


Since 2010, POPVOX has provided a nonpartisan platform for legislative information, advocacy, and governing tools at the state and federal level.

POPVOX offers tools for civic engagement and governing – including bills, lists of public officials, and tools to help constituents write to their lawmakers. We also offer API-based messages delivery and data services.

In 2019, POPVOX is introducing a new kind of network, connecting constituents to their lawmakers and vice-versa. The POPvOX network provides a transparent “glass wall” that allows anyone to view activity but limits interactions with public officials to their constituents. The network prioritizes individual control of data, without algorithmic manipulation. It requires real names at signup though screen names may be used publicly.

Legacy social media models prioritize clicks and attention; POPVOX prioritizes public information and civic engagement. We are working with top universities to make our design choices transparent and evaluate the impacts of this new technology on participation, public awareness of issues, and understanding of the political process.

Despite the disturbing trends of the past few years, we still believe that technology can help us be better informed, more connected, and make government work for everyone. It just requires a different approach.

That is why:

  • We don’t accept ads (so there is no reason to drive clicks and attention)
  • We don’t sell or share user data
  • We are nonpartisan and neutral
  • We prioritize civic mission over profit and work with funders who support this approach

It’s a simple idea: sustainable, scalable technology for civic engagement and good governing that does not compromise our civic mission.

The POPVOX Board


Marci Harris

CEO & Co-Founder, POPVOX


Rachna Choudhry

Co-Founder, POPVOX


Tim O'Reilly

CEO, Founder, O’Reilly Media