H.R. 1045 Immigrant Detainee Legal Rights Act

US House of Representatives

Immigrant Detainee Legal Rights Act This bill directs the Department of Justice to establish an Office of Legal Access Programs within the Executive Office of Immigration Review. The office shall develop and administer programs to educate detained aliens about their legal rights under U.S. immigration law. The programs shall (1) assist detained aliens in making informed and timely decisions regarding their removal and eligibility for relief from removal; and (2) identify particularly vulnerable aliens, such as unaccompanied children, for right to counsel considerations. The programs may also provide services to detained aliens in specified immigration (detention and removal) and asylum proceedings. The Department of Homeland Security shall establish procedures to ensure that such programs are available to all detained aliens within five days of arrival into custody, and provide such aliens with various information related to immigration hearing procedures and their rights under immigration law.

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