H.R. 4577 Domestic Explosives Detection Canine Capacity Building Act of 2017


Domestic Explosives Detection Canine Capacity Building Act of 2017 This bill directs the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to establish a working group to determine ways to develop a decentralized domestic canine breeding network to produce high quality explosives detection canines and modernize canine training standards. The working group shall submit to the TSA preliminary behavioral standards, medical standards, and technical standards for such network and training, including recommendations on how the TSA can engage stakeholders to further the development of such network and training. The TSA shall submit a strategy for expanding the network based on such recommendations. The TSA shall issue baseline behavioral standards for explosives detection canines. Such standards, as well as the preliminary medical and technical standards issued pursuant to this bill, shall be incorporated into all statements of work for the TSA explosive detection canine contracts and reflect the detection capabilities required to effectively mitigate terrorist threats.

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