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Now users can write to Congress without leaving your website

Keep your content fresh with real-time streaming comments

Features Overview

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Display what others are saying about your issues.

With POPVOX’s Comment Stream, individuals and organizations can:

  • Stream comments in real-time—filtered by bill number, position (supporting or opposing) and their location.
  • Inform users with fresh content and honest, personal stories written by real individuals using POPVOX.
  • Inspire others to take action and write to their Members of Congress.

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Direct your membership to take action without leaving your website.

The “Write Congress” widget embeds POPVOX’s powerful advocacy tool onto your own website. And since it’s powered by POPVOX:

  • Constituent information is verified for Congressional offices.
  • Messages from your activists are quantified and aggregated with other messages to show true grassroots power.
  • Activists get guaranteed delivery to Congress and can view their delivery status.

With a Pro account, your customized text will explain why your site visitors should support or oppose the bills you care about, and the widget integrates into your existing campaign tools.

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POPVOX widgets are easy to load onto any site that allows you to paste HTML code and embed iframes, including WordPress and tumblr, and can be added to Facebook Pages. Select a widget from the tabs at the top, complete the customization form, and copy and paste the HTML code onto your own website!

With POPVOX Pro, you can:

  • Customize the widget with your colors
  • Embed your talking points as suggestions for letters to Congress
  • Access an analytics dashboard (coming soon)
  • Integrate with your existing list-building tools (coming soon)

Please contact to get started.

Enter a bill number on its own, e.g. “H.R. 1234“, to show both supporting and opposing comments.


Comments submitted through the widget will be sent to Congress and posted anonymously on POPVOX. Users will create a POPVOX account if they don’t already have one.

Widget Dimensions

Widget size does not update in preview.

You must log in or create an account to set up a free widget.

With a Pro account you can:

  • Customize

    Use your own colors.

  • Suggest

    Guide users to write
    effective letters.

  • Build Your Base

    Track grassroots
    activity & grow.

  • Analyze

    Track the success of
    your campaign.


Copy and paste the following HTML code into your website:


Any POPVOX widget can be added to a Facebook Page in a new POPVOX tab. To add a POPVOX tab to your Page, follow these instructions:

  • You must first log in or create an account to set up a free widget.
  • Click this link to add the POPVOX tab to your page. (Alternatively, Visit the POPVOX Facebook App wall. The link will open in a new tab so you can switch back to these instructions after. Then click Add to My Page in the lower left list of links.)
  • Visit your page and click on the new POPVOX tab on the left. That is where your widget will be.
  • You’ll be asked to set up POPVOX-Facebook integration first. Copy your service account secret password xxxx to the clipboard and paste it back in Facebook where you are asked for it. Do not share this password.
  • Come back to this page to publish a widget to your Facebook page. Choose a widget from the tabs above, configure its settings, and then click Publish to Facebook.
  • Now check out your Facebook widget. Go back to your Facebook Page and click your browser’s Reload button to refresh the page. You should see your widget.

Unfortunately, Facebook supports widgets only on its “Pages”, which does not include personal pages or groups, and only one widget can be placed on a Page.

Other Integrations

We are working on other ways to integrate POPVOX widgets into your website or campaign software. Please contact us with any requests.