Show Your Compassion & Restore Humane Processing of Horses to the U.S. A message from United Organizations of the Horse

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Here is another tool that we can use as a grassroots organization with few resources. It is free. It is easy. And all you have to do is enter your name and email to be able to have a direct communications tools with your own senators and representatives.

If the horse men and women of this country don't stand up, speak out, and make sure they are heard Congress will continue to pander to the corporate fundraisers employed by so-called nonprofits who do not have a dog (or a horse) in the fight. Their objective is to destroy you private property rights, and any opportunity you once had to raise your children and grandchildren in our beloved horseback culture.

It is time to TAKE ACTION!

S. 1176: American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011

Sponsor: Sen. Mary Landrieu [D LA]

A bill to amend the Horse Protection Act to prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, ...

Opposed by United Organizations of the Horse

Horsemen and women oppose S. 1176: A bill to amend the Horse Protection Act because it increases the suffering of the very animals it professes to protect, eliminates private property rights, levels mandates that prevent states from enhancing their agriculture economies, and panders to a so-called nonprofit fundraising animal rights agenda that pays no taxes, generates no revenue, and creates no jobs. It eliminates the private property rights of horse owners to decide for themselves how to dispose of animals that they no longer want, cannot keep, or are no longer useful. Humane Methods of Slaughter laws on the books since at least the 1950s apply to horses as much as any other species. Many of us would rather see a horse be dispatched in a plant where it is done right by professionals, and to respect their lives by not wasting the valuable meat welcomed by 3/4 of the world. This offers ZERO solution to the problem of excess, unusable, unwanted, horses who are already suffering far to much from abandonment and neglect. This bill ignores the wishes of state, local, and tribal governments to enhance their agricultural economies. This bill does nothing to improve the lives of either horses or people.

oppose the reintroduction of S. 1176 (112th)