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Automation Federation

Mission: "The Automation Federation is an association of member organizations providing awareness, programs, and services that continually advance the automation profession for the betterment of humanity."

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S. 2105 (112th): The Cybersecurity Act

Dear Senators Lieberman, Collins, Carper, and Rockefeller:

The Automation Federation would like to express our appreciation to each one of you for leadership and commitment to address the need to protect our critical information infrastructure and industrial automation and control systems (IACS) from cyber attacks. We support your efforts in proposed legislation to address the challenges our nation faces to deter cyber attacks against our information structure.

Within the national emphasis on industrial infrastructure security, the cyber or electronic security of IACS is critical because of the potentially disastrous impact a compromise would have on human safety, and welfare, economic viability and stability, the environment, and the integrity of the overall national infrastructure.

We again emphasize that any proposed cybersecurity legislation should include the security of IACS and the required use of recognized standards that will provide for the security framework of IACS. Present or future federal agencies that will be responsible for the implementation of any cybersecurity legislation should work with organizations that have the expertise in the automation profession to develop a program that will address the development and updating of security standards for IACS.

The Automation Federation looks forward to continuing our work with you and your staff as this important legislation advances in the Senate.

(This bill failed to be passed during the two-year Congress in which it was introduced.)
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