With Congress still in recess, the President challenged Congress “to do its part” when it returns in September. The President urged Congress to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank and pass a federal budget to avoid a shutdown. Also, Congress may act on proposals to deny funding of "sanctuary cities."

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry made an historic trip to Cuba to re-open the American embassy, but the next steps in US-Cuba relations are for Congress to take. Here's a look at recent proposals in Congress, which would repeal the travel and trade bans, and recent votes in the Senate.

The House and Senate are both in recess until after Labor Day. As lawmakers meet with constituents in their districts and states, some are making up their minds on the Iran nuclear deal. The House and Senate are working on patent reform. And the House scheduled a hearing on the Benghazi attacks.

Welcome to August! The House and Senate are both in recess until after Labor Day. But there's plenty for them to consider as they talk to constituents during recess; reviewing the Iran nuclear deal, reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank, and spending bills to keep the government running.

Welcome to August! The House left for recess, and the Senate will continue working through the week on defunding Planned Parenthood and cybersecurity. The clock is ticking on Congress’s 60-day review of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank, which runs out of funds on Sept. 30.

Last month, the United States along with France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and China signed a deal with Iran to substantially limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the removal of international sanctions. Congress must review the deal within 60 days, which expires on Sept. 17.

This week starts early for the Senate—on Sunday to consider reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank and repealing Obamacare, and a bill to eliminate federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The House will work on aviation security and the TSA, sexual assault in the military and the REINS Act.

It's a busy week in Congress as we look ahead to August recess. Congress must review last week's agreement with Iran limiting its nuclear program. Plus, weigh in on the short-term extension of the Highway Trust Fund, GMO labeling of food, Appropriations bills and more.

This week, the House will consider legislation addressing California’s drought, access to capital especially for small businesses and homelessness among veterans. The Senate will continue to work on fixing No Child Left Behind. Share your voice on POPVOX!

With Congress in recess the last week, all eyes have been on the Supreme Court’s recent decisions. Here's a look at how Congress is responding -- and what's on their agenda this week, including fixing 'No Child Left Behind.'