2/14/2013--Introduced.Truth in Trials Act - Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) allow any person on trial for a federal marijuana-related offense to introduce evidence that the alleged... Read More


This bill was introduced on Feb 14, 2013, in a previous session of Congress, but was not passed.

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466 Supporting
69 Opposing
87% 13%

State: CA

43 Supporting
6 Opposing
88% 12%

District: 1st

2 Supporting
1 Opposing
67% 33%

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Tell Congress to end President Obama’s war on medical marijuana. There are three bills pending in Congress that would help take medical marijuana patients and their providers out of the crosshairs of the federal government. First, H.R. 689, the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), would reschedule marijuana and make the Controlled Substances Act inapplicable to those acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws. Second, Rep. Sam Farr’s (D-CA) bill, H.R. 710, the Truth in Trials Act, would provide those charged with violating federal law with an affirmative defense, meaning they would be found not guilty, if their conduct was in compliance with state law. Finally, a bill sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), H.R. 784, would prevent federal officials from seizing property used by dispensaries to provide medical marijuana to patients. Write your members of Congress today and ask them to stand up for patients by supporting the compassionate legislative proposals.

H.R. 710, the "Truth in Trials Act," attempts to bring 'fairness' to federal medical marijuana trials. Because of the government's insistence that marijuana has no medical value, federal prosecutors are easily able to exclude any reference to medical marijuana in trials involving cultivators and distributors who have been acting in accordance with their own state laws. Because of this, federal defendants are all but guaranteed a conviction at trial and, as a result, are forced to take plea bargains that impose years of prison time. Just in the past few months, several defendants were convicted and sentenced to between 5-10 years in prison. Since he took office, President Obama has been responsible for nearly 100 medical marijuana-related prosecutions, despite establishing a Justice Department policy that indicated he would do otherwise.

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I support The Truth in Trials Act because I support patients rights.

1 year ago

I support The Truth in Trials Act because...I'm a real person that can't be bought. I'm good friends with a paramedic (who resides in a college town of one of the largest "party schools" in the nation)., so I ask him how many people have you loaded in your ambulance from alchohol. His answer "Hundreds, some WAY past what they could survive until we pumped their stomachs". To this I said that's horrible. Then I ask "how many over marajuana" he says "Geez, none but that's obvious"! Then I ask him about K2/Spice (which shouldn't have to be asked, and he said "countless, that stuff is a HARD drug". So, you allow substances that are equal to HARD street drugs in the hands of kids (who won't be stop taking "something" no matter what), but not Marajuana. First thing you need to do is silence Bachman on the topic. It's SO OBVIOUS, in an attempt to "separate yourself from the masses" you haven't even picked up a phone and called a paramedic locally!!! Like none of you took a puff in college. I'll let you sell that one to the rest of the tax payers. I'm calling bullshit. Way to do your "street level research", way to "serve your public". Once again, I've done your work for you. **-->What's my angle you say? Reformed alchoholic, and let me tell ya', there's no question which does more damage. I walk in the light now. Who better to point out that your REAL intentions ARE NOT to protect ANYONE (children included). So just stay consistent, just figure out how to tax it and get on with it. The only R&D that serves america anymore is Research and Development. ** If this content isn't "deserved" to you specifically I apologize. However, I wouldn't "avoid it's content". I was raised republican, I am CONSTANTLY worried with how "out of touch" the GOP's publicity statements are. Not controlling your publicized statements is gonna' turn Texas into a blue state if you're not careful. You simply CAN'T afford to line up on massive failure that is the "war on drugs". The answer to crime at the border and cartel's stronghold is right under your noses. AT least step 1 anyway.

1 year ago

I support H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because... Cannabis should be legalized. It is only though the political manipulations of the drug companies that cannot make a profit on cannabis that this immoral witch hunt has been manufactured. SUPPORT THIS BILL!!!

2 years ago

I support H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because... This one is needed to add teeth to the state's laws and regualtions duely voted upon and supported by those state's citizens. Slowly but surely the tide must turn. Thank you for your service

2 years ago

My uncle died of cancer this year, and his rapid demise was brutal for the family. I believe this is because he was prohibited from having the right to consume marijuana. Please support H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because most Americans believe in the use of medical marijuana.

2 years ago

I support H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because... I have MS and would like this protection should my pain increase and need to use marijuana.

2 years ago

Users Opposing

I oppose The Truth in Trials Act because after 22 years of law enforcement I have witnessed the damage done by marijuana use. It's medical use is a fraud.

1 year ago

I oppose H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because... only the pot smokers are for this, to find other ways of conning their way to get free dope.

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because it moves the illegal use of marijuana from a state's right decision to a federal exception. Are we becoming a nation of drug users? I think not. It is unfortunate that some states are giving a pass to what is illegal activity in most states. Following that twisted logic it leads to the defense of the drug user, "I was only using marijuana legally in my state and I ran head on into the family in that small car. That's why they were killed or maimed, but I'm not guilty." Under this reasoning the defense would be authorized under this bill. THIS IS WRONG. This would be a special right and not a right under the Bill of Rights. READ IT AGAIN! If someone breaks a Federally existing law, there is no reasonable defense in the use of drugs during the commission of that offense or what is now considered a crime. Unfortunately, someone who uses marijuana must have sold this "wisdom" to the author.

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because....this is a dangerous drug and people will die because of legalization.

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because...medical use of marijuana should be prescribed by a real doctor not some fly by night person who charges you $40 to get a card. That is an abuse. I have seen people advertising medical marijuana shops in front of schools. This needs to be heavily regulated if it is to be permitted.

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 710: Truth in Trials Act because...Medical marijuana is a JOKE. That is used to justify the use. There are plenty of "real" medical drugs to help with pain.

2 years ago

Bill Summary

2/14/2013--Introduced.Truth in Trials Act - Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) allow any person on trial for a federal marijuana-related offense to introduce evidence that the alleged marijuana-related activities were performed in compliance with state law regarding the medical use of marijuana, (2) allow an affirmative defense to a marijuana prosecution that the alleged marijuana-related activities complied with state law regarding the medical use of marijuana, (3) limit the criminal liability of persons convicted of federal marijuana-related offenses, (4) require the preservation and return (if a defendant is acquitted) of property seized in connection with a marijuana prosecution, and (5) prohibit the seizure of plants grown or stored under a physician's recommendation or by order of a state or municipal agency in accordance with state law regarding the medical use of marijuana.

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