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The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

H.R. 499: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013

Summary: To decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level, to leave to the States a power to regulate marijuana that is similar to the power they have to regulate alcohol, and for other purposes. (More Info)

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Urge your U.S. senators and representative to co-sponsor H.R. 499, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. Immediately after his home state of Colorado passed Amendment 64, the ballot initiative MPP passed to tax and regulate marijuana in Colorado, Congressman Jared Polis introduced legislation to end the state/federal conflict on marijuana laws. His bill, H.R. 499, would remove all federal penalties for marijuana and establish a comprehensive licensing and oversight system to regulate the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana. Please take a moment to email your representatives in Congress and ask them to join the growing ...

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