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The Taiwan Policy Act

H.R. 419: Taiwan Policy Act of 2013

Summary: To strengthen and clarify the commercial, cultural, and other relations between the people of the United States and the people of Taiwan, as codified in the Taiwan Relations Act, and for other purposes. (More Info)

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American Citizens for Taiwan 2,137 Facebook fans 190 Twitter followers

If the U.S. government is serious about maintaining economic and military strategic advantage in the Asia-Pacific region, it must strengthen ties with one of the most economically liberal and democratic nations in the region, Taiwan.

This Taiwan Policy Act is important for requiring that 1) Taiwan's future is to be self-determined, 2) authorization for the sale of F-16 C/D block fighter jets to Taiwan & the transfer of decommissioned guided missile frigates to Taiwan, 3) removing the ban on Taiwanese official visits, 4) supporting Taiwan’s ICAO bid, and 5) clarifying defensive arms that can be sold to ...

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