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The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act

H.R. 366: Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act of 2013

Summary: To prohibit attendance of an animal fighting venture, and for other purposes. (More Info)

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American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) 75,742 Facebook fans 3,714 Twitter followers

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) reintroduced legislation on Jan. 23 that would amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit people from knowingly attending, or causing a minor to attend, an animal fight. The Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act (H.R. 366), which AVMA actively supported in the last Congress, would also impose criminal and civil penalties on people who violated it, should the bill become law.

Animal fighting has severe consequences—resulting in serious injuries or death for the animals involved. While most states have recently adopted stricter laws to prohibit animal fighting, enforcement of these laws has been a challenge ...

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Animal Welfare Institute 17,469 Facebook fans 3,076 Twitter followers

Animal fighting - whether it involves dogs or birds - is a violent crime that causes immense suffering to countless numbers of innocent animals. It is also associated with gang activity, drugs, gambling, money laundering, illegal guns, and other offenses. Animal fighting operations endanger the whole community.

In the last few years, the federal government has increased coverage of and penalties for animal fighting activities under the Animal Welfare Act, but it is still lacking in one area: the spectator. Spectators are not innocent bystanders; they are active participants in and enablers of these cruel criminal enterprises and should be treated accordingly ...

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