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H.R. 357: GI Bill Tuition Fairness Act of 2013

Summary: To amend title 38, United States Code, to require courses of education provided by public institutions of higher education that are approved for purposes of the educational assistance programs administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to charge veterans tuition and fees at the in-State tuition rate, to make other improvements in the laws relating to benefits administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes. (More Info)

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Charge in-state tuition for all veterans using GI Bill - HR 357 and S 944, cosponsored by Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL), Congressman Mike Michaud (D-ME), Senator John Boozman (R-AK), Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). These bills would require all schools that accept GI Bill dollars to charge the in-state tuition rate for veterans using the GI Bill. This closes a loophole where vets who - due to their military service - aren't legal residents of any state, get stuck with a bill for the education that the GI Bill was supposed to cover. ...

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This will encourage public universities to charge veterans the in-state tuition rates when using the GI Bill to fund the education if they are out-of-state residents.

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