1/15/2013--Introduced. Mental Health First Act of 2013 - Amends the Public Health Service Act to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), acting through the Administrator... Read More


This bill was introduced on Jan 15, 2013, in a previous session of Congress, but was not passed.

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Jan 15, 2013



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I support The Mental Health First Act because... I have worked with children with mental health issues for the last 15 years. I am often called to stay with a child who is in crisis at the emergency room. Too many times I've seen nurses and security guards handle situations poorly and the child ends up restrained or overly medicated. We need to provide more training to the service providers in our communities. Teachers need to understand different behaviors and how to respond appropriately, too often teacher's are lost when it comes to different strategies for different behaviors. I have observed that a person can get hired to work with individuals with mental health issues without any formal training. They are unaware of the challenges that their position entails. I believe with more training available the incidents of abuse will decrease greatly. Mental Illness carries a stigma, people are thought to be dangerous or unstable. What people need to realize is that mental illness can be treated successfully, people with a mental health diagnosis can have a healthy, happy, "normal" life. They can have families, and careers, and be contributing members of our communities,

10 months ago

I support The Mental Health First Act because...As a youth care specialist for the past ten years, I have educated and skill-trained many children with mental illnesses. There are been numerous times I have come across a case worker, a police officer, or a teacher who did not understand mental illnesses, and did not have the competence to engage children who suffer from them. People with mental illnesses, especially children, undergo enough with their conditions; they should not have to endure “authority figures” that are untrained or uneducated on how to manage them. When a person with a mental illness goes into crisis, it is imperative for a supportive individual to recognize the needs of the sufferer and how to react and assist quickly, appropriately, and most importantly, safely without causing further harm. This bill, if passed, will produce the appropriate funds needed to train individuals in the community who will come into contact with those who have mental illnesses, and will furthermore decrease inappropriate management, incorrect beliefs, and abolish additional damage to the mentally ill.

1 year ago

I support H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because...My son was diagnosed with bipolar at 8 years old, it has been 9 years since his diagnosis and it is still a constant struggle maintain stability. I think this bill will be beneficial because besides making people more aware of how to deal with a individual with a mental illness it has been proven to help reduce the stigma of mental illness. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I can't tell you the amount of judgement my son and I have encountered over the years by well meaning individuals who just don't understand, even within the medical community. I am a registered nurse, in part due to the struggles I have had with my son, I am currently pursuing my Nurse Practitioner's education in Mental Health. The general public needs training and education about mental illness, early intervention, access to care, and crisis deescalation training. I hope that you support this bill or the the senate bill S.153. Society has put mental health on the back burner for too long. Now is the time to change that. Sincerely, Stacey Lambour

2 years ago

I support H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because mental illness has for too long been ignored. Our adult-aged son suffers from schizoaffective disorder and last year was arrest for violations resulting from his condition. It is imperative that as a society, we provide adequate support for awareness and treatment for mental illness.

2 years ago

I support H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because as an active duty military medical service professional I have seen mental health problems handled poorly. The military does annual suicide awareness training and PTSD screening for all individuals coming back from overseas but the public and our public servants don’t get the same scrutiny when it comes to mental illness. Most treat it as a stigma that could ruin their lives and as a result suicide and violence that could have been prevented is prevalent in our society. I believe that teachers and other first sign observers should be trained to start the notification and intervention process before the school nurse catches it in the late almost irreversible stages. I greatly support this training and believe great effort t should be given to make sure that this passes all levels of government.

2 years ago

I support H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because... Dear Sir, I am currently an MSW student intern who is interning in an agency for mental health and court mandated classes. Many clients that I have encountered have some type of disorder or are in need of counseling. Mental health counseling is not easy to come by for these clients because of financial or lack of resources to qualify them. I live in Osceola county in Kissimmee Florida where services are lacking in all areas of mental health. We are in dire need of trained professionals that can work with people in crisis. We provide numerous services that the clients are unable to utilize because of cost. We currently have clients that apply for TANF and we are waiting to qualify to accept medicaid. These programs take a substantial length of time to apply and qualify for. When a person needs these services in a timely manner they get frustrated waiting for help and the chance of dire consequences which we have been seeing to often. I am also the mother of a son who suffers with paranoid schizophrenia who has had to fight to get him the proper help.

2 years ago

Users Opposing

I oppose The Mental Health First Act because...I voiced my opinion on previous bills concerning this.This is like finding a person guilty before a citizens trial.

11 months ago

I oppose The Mental Health First Act because it does nothing to address the real problems in our society. "Guns" are not the problem and individuals should not be forcibly stripped of their rights of freedom or property based on what someone 'thinks' they are going to do without substantiated and solid evidence. They need to be evaluated based on facts and not emotional fears. The problem is a non-existent mental health system and a justice department that will not prosecute offenders and keep them locked up and away from society. This is akin to blaming cars for drunk drivers!

1 year ago

I oppose H.R. 274: Mental Health First Act of 2013 This ought be renamed, screwing people out of their second Amendment with False Science using the DSM-5 and Obamacare as a CrowBar against People ACT

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 274: Mental Health First Act of 2013 because "mental illness" as a term is a total fraud that has been around for far too long. Any other medical diagnosis has some evidence to prove it, such as blood test, x-ray, etc. "Mental illness" is something invented by pharmaceutical companies for their own income. Every such diagnosis goes along with a drug = more money. Your children and you are being drugged for money, and there are no tests to show any improvements. You put your kids on drugs, he starts behaving irrationally and violently - well, of course, because he is on DRUGS. Nowadays such great people like Einstein, Mozzart, M.L. King and many others would absolutely get diagnosed as ADHD, bipolar and whatever other labels the modern psychiatry has invented to get more grants and more money from insurance. We would not have any smart people express any initiative because nowadays anyone who has initiative is considered "bipolar" and gets prescribed a drug, so that he could be more robotic, and if he commits suicide or goes to school and shoots other kids because of this drug - who cares, he's just one of the millions who are being drugged. Right?!

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because...a patch work of little laws will do more harm than good, not to mention bleed off funds with no hope of improving mental health care in this country. I was around when the de-institutionalization of mental patients began. The pie in the sky do-gooders had no idea of what they were bringing down on the heads of people who were for the most part without defenses and resources. So in the aftermath, the jails filled with mentally ill people who had no means by which to obtain their medicines and therapy. The homeless population exploded at the same time. The Salvation Army and others have been overwhelmed by the need. This country must get a grip on the provision of mental health services. Even the Veterans Hospitals do a very short stabilization turnaround for mentally ill veterans. This is now simply beyond belief. Horrible tragedies will continue to occur until this country re-establishes some sort of mental health care system. Mentally ill people need treatment, not jail.

2 years ago

I oppose H.R. 274 ("To amend section 520J of the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants for mental") because...we are broke as Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama has driven the country into debt largely because of the federal government's sabotage of the Housing Market via Sub-Prime lending.

2 years ago

Bill Summary

Mental Health First Act of 2013 - Amends the Public Health Service Act to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), acting through the Administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), to award grants to initiate and sustain mental health first aid training programs. Requires such a program to include: (1) core live training courses on the skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to assist individuals in crisis to connect with appropriate local mental health care services; (2) training on mental health resources, including the location of community mental health centers in the state and local community; and (3) training on action plans and protocols for referral to such resources. Sets forth the categories of individuals to be trained under the program, including emergency services personnel and other first responders, police officers and law enforcement personnel, teachers and school administrators, human resources professionals, faith community leaders, nurses and other primary care personnel, students enrolled in school, parents of students, veterans, and other individuals, audiences or training populations as appropriate. Requires such programs to train individuals to accomplish: (1) safe de-escalation of crisis situations, (2) recognition of the signs and symptoms of mental illness, and (3) timely referral to mental health services in the early stages of developing mental disorders. Requires the Secretary, in awarding grants, to: (1) ensure that grants are equitably distributed among the geographical regions of the United States, and (2) pay particular attention to the mental health training needs of populations and target audiences residing in rural areas.

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