A bill to provide tax relief for American workers and businesses, to put workers back on the job while rebuilding and modernizing America, and to provide pathways back... Read More


This bill was introduced on Sep 14, 2011, in a previous session of Congress, but was not passed.

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Sep 13, 2011


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"President Obama clearly understands that quality education is the key to our nation's future. He's putting America's unemployed construction workers back on the job to help modernize our aging K-12 schools and community colleges," said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. "We are pleased and encouraged that the President continues demonstrate his commitment to the success of all students by helping to make sure they have the best possible learning environment-a key element of quality education." "Obama's plan to create jobs acknowledges a backlog of repairs in our nation's 100,000 public schools. As budget funds continue to dwindle, many school districts have been forced to put maintenance on the back burner. In many schools, students are subject to buildings that have poor air quality, unsafe drinking water and inadequate safety systems, including fire alarms and sprinklers." "We've heard from our members across the country as they have been returning to school. They are seeing overcrowded classes, and teachers are concerned about how they can provide every student with a well-rounded education when so many programs have been cut," said Van Roekel. "President Obama is addressing that by including $30 billion in local jobs assistance, which will put educators back where they belong - in their classrooms preparing their students to succeed." "Unemployment isn't just an economic issue - it's an education issue," said Van Roekel. "Our members have seen firsthand the devastating impact unemployment is having on our communities and our schools. Too many of our students are coming to schools hungry and without the basic supplies they need as moms and dads struggle to make ends meet." "Tonight, President Obama delivered a simple and powerful message to Congress and to the American people - it's time to put partisan bickering aside and get our country back to work. There is nothing more urgent for Congress to act on than this plan to create jobs and boost our economy and create opportunity for the nation's children. Our members are behind this initiative and will raise their voices in support to Congress, who will hopefully put politics aside and make passing this its priority," said Van Roekel.


“Americans are hurting and the President knows it’s time to put the middle class and the country first, stated AFSCME Pres. Gerald W. McEntee. "The President gets it, the suffering our members see on the frontlines of public service is real, and if the partisan response is the same old posturing about regulations, deficits and taxes, we’ll know they don’t. “President Obama has taken a bold step toward creating jobs immediately, improving the economy, investing in infrastructure and putting America back to work. Rather than fold their arms and stomp their feet in opposition, it’s time for Republican leaders in Congress to put tea-based politics aside and do what’s right for the country. “The President made fighting for jobs, the middle class and working families his number one priority tonight. He realizes that economic recovery is dependent upon both public and private sector growth and closing the Texas-sized tax loopholes to make Wall Street fat-cats pay their fair share is better than laying off nurses, teachers and firefighters. “For the first time in 60 years, we saw zero job growth last month because tiny gains in the private sector were canceled out by 17,000 job losses in the public sector. Congressional Republicans need to put aside political differences and begin the real work of the nation; but if they want a fight, bring it on. It’s worth fighting to end unemployment lines and putting people back to work. The American Jobs Act will have an immediate impact on job creation and will help grow the economy now. Now is the time to stop the petty posturing and pandering to extremists and work with the President to pursue a jobs agenda for all Americans.”


Today UAW President Bob King issued the following statement praising the leadership of President Obama and supporting the president's call for immediate action by Congress on jobs: "We strongly support President Obama's call for immediate action by Congress to pass the American Jobs Act now. We need jobs now, and this bill will lead to immediate jobs for construction workers, teachers, veterans, first responders, young people and the long-term unemployed. We call on everyone in Congress to put creating jobs and jump-starting our economy above any partisan politics. We call on Congress to put creating good jobs above more tax cuts for the wealthy. It's time for those who constantly call for tax cuts to support Obama's plan to provide tax cuts to those who need them the most: working families. We are sending a strong message to Congress in support of Obama's American Jobs Act. We demand that they support Obama's plan to put millions of people to work repairing America's infrastructure not only to help unemployed working families and their employers create the jobs they need, but also to reduce our nation's deficit. We ask all workers to join the UAW members and their families in telling Congress that creating good jobs is a higher priority than cutting government spending by adding their names to our online petition or visit for the link. We'll deliver our petition to members of Congress and demand a sustainable good jobs creation program NOW!"


Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), issued the following statement after President Obama laid out his jobs agenda before a joint session of Congress: “Tonight, President Obama displayed the leadership America needs by laying out a strong agenda to get America back to work. The proposals he outlined are an excellent starting point in the crucial effort to create good jobs now. “Now, it’s in Congress’s hands. The American people are watching closely to see whether Republicans will play politics with tonight’s commonsense proposals simply because of the messenger, not the merits, of the plan to turn around the national jobs crisis. The Republicans’ plan to further cut corporate taxes will do nothing to put Americans back to work, just as the recent record corporate profits have not lead to job growth. “America cannot stand another debate that is mired in Washington politics, like the national disgrace we witnessed during the debt ceiling negotiations. Tax giveaways to flourishing corporations and millionaires and subsidies for Big Oil have no place in this debate. Nothing is more important than creating good jobs now. “Workers like Angela Issac from New York can’t wait any longer. After being laid off more than one year ago, Angela has been relegated to temporary, sporadic work to survive. Now, she is facing eviction because her unemployment insurance benefits are not enough to keep a roof over her family’s head. There are millions of other people in Angela’s shoes, who want nothing more than a good job to get back on their feet and to support their families. “Congressional Republicans must think about their constituents who share Angela’s plight and make a choice: Will they be the force behind killing more jobs to help corporations and the superrich, or will they play an active and constructive role in steering the greatest economic recovery our country has seen in a generation? Our nation needs the latter.”


Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa today applauded President Obama for presenting a jobs program with specific goals and a realistic means of achieving them. “Congress must pass President Obama’s plan now,” Hoffa said. “The jobs crisis is an American problem. It isn’t President Obama’s problem and it isn’t a Republican or Democratic problem. All Americans need to come together to create good jobs for the good of our economy and the good of our country. “This plan will immediately increase economic activity and generate more tax revenue,” he said. “That’s how you fix the deficit. Good jobs are good for the economy.” Hoffa said the Teamsters will study the specific details of the plan as they are released in the coming days. “I’m especially pleased that President Obama wants to invest in infrastructure improvements and in jobs for our military veterans,” Hoffa said. “I’m also pleased he recognizes the need to put money in the pockets of working people.”


Today the Hispanic Federation expressed strong support for the President’s call for a legislative package that will strengthen poor and middle class families by creating jobs, and provide relief for the unemployed. Lillian Rodríguez-López, President of the Hispanic Federation, issued the following statement: “The Hispanic community has been devastated by the economic downturn that started nearly five years ago. The President’s proposal will ensure that unemployed Americans have access to supports that help them provide for themselves and their families, will provide tax relief both for small business and individuals, will enhance summer youth employment programs, strengthen our schools and make strides toward addressing the long-term persistent unemployment rate that has disproportionately impacted Hispanics. What is needed now is for our elected leadership to come together and take swift action to pass these needed reforms so that millions of Hispanics can get back on a path to economic properity.”


Hispanic Federation
3 years ago
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A bill to provide tax relief for American workers and businesses, to put workers back on the job while rebuilding and modernizing America, and to provide pathways back to work for Americans looking for jobs.

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