H.Res. 335: Recognizing the need for safe patient handling and movement. Read More


This resolution was introduced on Jun 24, 2011, in a previous session of Congress, but was not passed.

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Jun 24, 2011


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Recognizing the need for safe patient handling and movement.

Whereas registered nurses and other health care workers are being asked to lift and transfer unreasonable loads, with the average nurse lifting 1.8 tons on an eight-hour shift; Whereas the Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently rates ``registered nursing'' and ``nursing aides and orderlies'' in the top 10 of all United States occupations reporting on the job injuries resulting in days away from work, with the leading causes of these injuries being tasks involving patient movement, transferring, and repositioning; Whereas 12 percent of nurses leave the profession permanently every year because of back pain, and 47 percent of nurses have considered leaving the profession because of the physical demands of their job; Whereas 54 percent of nurses report that patient lifting and transferring devices are not readily available for use in their health care facility; Whereas the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has reported that manual patient lifting is associated with decreased quality of care, diminished patient safety and comfort, decreased patient satisfaction, and increased risk of patient falls, patient drops, friction burns, dislocated shoulders, skin tears, and bruises; Whereas costs associated with back injuries in the healthcare industry are estimated to be $20,000,000,000 annually; Whereas a case study published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows that the direct and indirect costs associated with a safe lifting program are recouped in 4.3 years through significant reductions in workers' compensation payments and by avoiding the costs associated...

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H.Res. 335: Recognizing the need for safe patient handling and movement.

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