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H.R. 1475 (111th): Federal Prison Work Incentive Act of 2009

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BARBER AMENDMENT ~ Federal Good Time Bill ~ 113th Congress

H.R. 1475 (111th): Federal Prison Work Incentive Act of 2009

Last Updated Jan 31, 2013 12:27 AM

For the 113th Congress: Vote for the BARBER AMENDMENT, a bill to retroactively, increases good time credits (allowances) for federal inmates, from 54 days per year to 128 days per year, computed on "the sentence imposed." GAO's David C. Maurer reported, to FedCURE, that a 10% reduction in the federal prison population would save $660 million a year - FedCURE estimates the number is over $1.2 billion dollars a year. Maurer also reported that home confinement would be half the cost of incarceration or half way house (RRC). See the video [19:04-19:52] here:

Of the 219,000 people in federal prison, Fifty (50%) percent could be eligible to be safely released unnder the BARBER AMENDMENT.

This bill failed to be introduced during the 112th Congress as proposed by FedCURE. What Senators and Representatives will be the first to step up to introduce & sponsor the BARBER AMENDMENT ? Call 2 Action!