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Administrative law and regulatory procedures (1)
Agriculture and Food (94)
Animals (29)
Appropriations (6)
Armed Forces and National Security (535)
Arts, Culture, Religion (14)
Aviation and airports (4)
Budget deficits and national debt (4)
Budget process (9)
Child safety and welfare (1)
Civil Rights and Liberties, Minority Issues (52)
Commerce (110)
Congress (153)
Congressional committees (1)
Crime and Law Enforcement (278)
Economics and Public Finance (154)
Education (285)
Emergency Management (59)
Energy (135)
Environmental Protection (111)
Families (25)
Finance and Financial Sector (164)
Firearms and explosives (2)
Foreign Trade and International Finance (50)
Government Operations and Politics (326)
Health (621)
Health care costs and insurance (1)
Health programs administration and funding (2)
Housing and Community Development (62)
Immigration (109)
International Affairs (294)
International law and treaties (1)
Labor and Employment (152)
Law (61)
Medical research (1)
Native Americans (75)
Private Legislation (24)
Public Lands and Natural Resources (371)
Science, Technology, Communications (76)
Social Sciences and History (3)
Social security and elderly assistance (1)
Social Welfare (54)
Spacecraft and satellites (1)
Sports and Recreation (19)
Taxation (399)
Trade agreements and negotiations (1)
Transportation and Public Works (149)
Veterans' medical care (1)
Water Resources Development (66)
Uncategorized Bills (2909)


It's Earth Day

4/22: It's Earth Day, and this year's focus is on energy efficiency. Find what Congress is proposing and share your voice.

What is POPVOX?

POPVOX is a direct connection to your Members of Congress and a real time snapshot of the conversations others are having with lawmakers on the issues you care about. Learn more or watch our slideshow.


4/20: 420, in popular culture, refers to marijuana. And since the term was coined, in the 1970's, dozens of states have legalized marijuana in some way. But what about the federal law? Weigh in.

Weekly Top 20

4/18: We must have been doing our taxes this week! Half of the top bills were related to changes in the tax code -- or doing away with the IRS. Share your voice.

Done with Your Taxes?

4/15: It's Tax Day! Take a look at proposals in Congress to overhaul the tax code -- or get rid of income taxes altogether!

It's Equal Pay Day!

4/8: Equal Pay Day is a date chosen each year to symbolize how far into the current year women need to work to earn the same amount of money men earned during the previous year. Learn about how Congress is addressing equal pay.

Is Political Spending a First Amendment Right?

4/4: This week, the Supreme Court held that campaign finance regulations violates free-speech rights Already, Congress is proposing new laws controlling money in elections. Weigh in.

Ending the NSA bulk phone data program?

3/26: A new bill in Congress proposes to end NSA bulk collection of metadata, including telephone, email, and internet data. Weigh in and see the full list of NSA related bills.

Raising the Minimum Wage?

3/12: Twenty-two states have established minumum wages higher than the federal $7.25 per hour. And the President is now pushing Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Learn more.