Advertising with POPVOX is the premier destination for politically savvy individuals who want to access real-time legislative information and send messages to their Members of Congress. The metadata and aggregation available on POPVOX make it a valuable resource for policy decision-makers inside the Beltway—and influencers across the country.

As a public, nonpartisan platform, POPVOX overlays comments from individuals, positions taken by organizations/trade groups and the Administration—on basic legislative information for every bill pending before Congress. Our newly launched “Get to Know a District” pages offer a demographic profile for every Congressional district and a list of the trending bills among POPVOX users from that district or state.

POPVOX users include people in every Congressional district, Congressional staffers and policy influencers. The average POPVOX user spends four minutes on and views five pages per visit. Users that are logged in to the platform see analytics customized for their Congressional district or state.

Advertising Units

Advertising is available on:

  • POPVOX main pages. including the Bills Page, the Organization Directory and Users’ Home Page.
  • Individual Bill Pages. Every bill pending before Congress has its own bill page, where individuals can view organization statements, bill status information and then support or oppose the bill, sending a message to their Member of Congress or Senators.
  • “Get to Know” Pages. Every Congressional district and state has its own page, which offers Census demographic data, the current Representative and/or Senators, and a list of the trending bills among POPVOX users from that district or state.

Advertising Details

  • Advertising rectangles on the right side of bill pages
  • 180px width x 150px height
  • jpg or png files
  • Rates: starting at $1.50 CPM ($1.50 per 1,000 impressions)

For more information, please contact Nate Walton at