Weekly Roundup: March 1 - 7

Firearms and gun control once again topped the list of priorities on POPVOX this week. As the Senate Judiciary Committee considered several gun control bills this week -- with more than 50 related bills pending before Congress -- the issue is clearly on the minds of POPVOXnation. We also saw many proposals related to the "sequester" prioritized by POPVOX users as well.

Here are the bills and proposals that POPVOX users weighed in on with Congress in the past week. Keep in mind that these numbers aren't aggregates of total support, but just what happened in the past seven days.

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POPVOX Roundup: Week of March 1 - 7

POPVOX Roundup

Please keep in mind that highlighting a bill doesn't imply a POPVOX endorsement in any way. Rather, we're simply trying to offer one more way to stay informed of an overwhelmingly complex legislative system.

*POPVOX invites organizations to create "sponsored campaigns" on POPVOX, which include policy principles and actionable items directed at Congress. 



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