The Week Ahead for Congress: Sept. 10 - 14

Bills before Congress: September 10 - 14

From our Hill Sources: After a long August break and two presidential nominating conventions, the House and Senate return this week. The primary focus will be to pass a "continuing resolution," a bill that funds the federal government through next March and avoids a government shutdown before the November elections.

The continuing resolution (no text available as of Sunday) is not expected to face opposition, since the leaders of the House and Senate, and the White House, agreed to this course of action before leaving for the summer. The continuing resolution could pass by the end of the week.

The Senate

The Senate will take up:

The House

The House has a full agenda this week, including a Republican proposal to terminate the pending "Sequester" for defense spending (no bill number yet). The Sequester is the result of the Supercommittee's failure last year to agree on $3.8 trillion in deficit reduction. Without an agreement, the Budget Control Act, which created the Supercommittee, mandates cuts to social programs and defense. The vote this week will attempt to roll back defense cuts.

The House now has just 13 more days in session planned before the November elections, and aside from the continuing resolution, little else in the way of major legislation is expected. The House finished the summer by passing HR 6079, the Repeal of Obamacare Act (number 3 on POPVOX last week), but the Senate will not consider it, and that bill is likely to be the last healthcare repeal bill until November.

Other bills to be considered under a rule this week are:

In addition, the House will take up several suspension bills, which will likely be approved after very short debate throughout the week:

POPVOXnation Priorities

The top two pieces of legislation on POPVOX last week are also unlikely to advance this year:

Missed a bill last week? Check out the round up.

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