Weekly Bill Roundup: Nov. 30

See which bills, resolutions and treaties were the most popular among POPVOX users in our weekly round-up. Want to be a part of the POPVOXnation conversation? Please join us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for using POPVOX!

Top Bills of the Week

  • NASA#1 Doubling Funding for NASA
  • S 3525#2 The Sportsmen's Act
  • HR 511#3 Prohibiting importing injurious species of constrictor snakes
  • HR 6429#4 The STEM Jobs Act
  • HR 6328#5 The Clothe a Homeless Hero Act
  • S 3412#6 The Middle Class Tax Cut Act
  • S 3220#7 The Paycheck Fairness Act
  • HR 6025#8 The Mandatory Operational Control Reporting and Performance Measures Act
  • HR 5913#9 The DHS Accountability Act
  • HR 6079#10 The Repeal of Obamacare Act
  • HR 3563#11 The Integrated Public Alert Warning System Modernization Act
  • HR 3#12 The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act
  • HR 915#13 The Jaime Zapata Border Enforcement Security Task Force Act
  • HR 5997#14 The Medical Preparedness Allowable Use Act
  • HR 3032#15 The Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act
  • HR 5959#16 The Appalachian Communities Health Emergency (ACHE) Act
  • S 1108#17 The 10 Million Solar Roofs Act
  • HR 4170#18 The Student Loan Forgiveness Act
  • HR 2672#19 The Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act
  • HR 2674#20 The 340B Program Improvement Act

Please keep in mind that highlighting a bill doesn't imply a POPVOX endorsement in any way. Rather, we're simply trying to offer one more way to stay informed of an overwhelmingly complex legislative system.

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