Weekly Bill Round Up: Nov. 1

Can you believe the election is just days away? Have you checked out your Congress Match? And now for the weekly bill roundup. Thanks for using POPVOX and don't forget to vote!

Top Bills of the Week

  • NASA#1 Doubling Funding for NASA
  • HR 6079#2 The Repeal of Obamacare Act
  • S 3250#3 The Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Registry (SAFER) Act
  • S 3412#4 The Middle Class Tax Cut Act
  • HR 2673#5 The Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Royalty Giveaway Repeal and Deficit Reduction Act
  • HR 2672#6 The Preserving Access to Orphan Drugs Act
  • S 3609#7 The Internet Radio Fairness Act
  • HR 2674#8 The 340B Program Improvement Act
  • HRes 672#9 US energy, environmental, and foreign policies should reflect issues related to climate change.
  • HR 6388#10 The Strengthening the Horse Protection Act
  • S 1549#11 The American Jobs Act
  • HR 6411#12 The Inclusive Prosperity Act
  • HR 3553#13 The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act
  • HR 2979#14 The Natural Disaster Emergency Mortgage Relief Act
  • HR 358#15 The Protect Life Act
  • HR 6480#16 The Internet Radio Fairness Act
  • Budget#17 Sequestration
  • HR 2449#18 The Fresh Start Act
  • HR 2475#19 To authorize a project for hurricane and storm damage reduction at Surf City and North Topsail Beach, North Carolina
  • HR 2258#20 The National Hurricane Research Initiative Act

Please keep in mind that highlighting a bill doesn't imply a POPVOX endorsement in any way. Rather, we're simply trying to offer one more way to stay informed of an overwhelmingly complex legislative system.

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