POPVOX Evening Update: November 29, 2012

Good evening! According to our Hill Sources, today in Congress:

In the Senate:

The Senate continued work on amendments to S. 3254, the National Defense Authorization Act. A vote on final passage may come on Friday.

Also last night, the Senate passed S. 3542, the No-Hassle Flying Act, which modifies luggage screening requirements for international arriving passengers from foreign airports with an aviation security preclearance agreements. The bill now moves to the House.

In the House:

The House debated and passed a rule for consideration of H.R. 6429 the STEM Jobs Act. Final vote on that bill is scheduled for tomorrow.


This post was updated on 11/30/12 at 8:10 ET to reflect the timing of the Senate vote on S. 3254 and add passage of S. 3542.

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