POPVOX Evening Update: November 14, 2012

According to our Hill Sources:

On Wednesday, the House passed several noncontroversial bills on suspension:

The Senate approved two non-controversial bills and a resolution:

  • HR 6118 The Taking Essential Steps for Testing Act which would give the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services more flexibility in determining fines for labs that improperly perform their periodic proficiency testing.
  • HR 6131 extending the Undertaking Spam, Spyware, and Fraud Enforcement with Enforces beyond Borders Act (SAFE WEB Act). The SAFE WEB act helps the U.S. Federal Trade Commission enforce anti-fraud rules across international borders.
  • SJRes 596 allowing donations to be made in the Capitol building for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
  • S 3414 The Cybersecurity Act The Senate tried again to advance this bill by holding a vote to end debate on the bill. But it needed 60 votes in favor, and it failed, 51-47.
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