Issue Spotlight: National Missing Children’s Day

Today is National Missing Children’s Day. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan first proclaimed May 25 as National Missing Children’s Day, and has been recognized since. The FBI today launched a new version of their Child ID App for mobile phones. To help observe this day, POPVOX is spotlighting bills related to missing children. We hope you'll weigh in on these bills on POPVOX, and share the list with your friends and networks. (Learn more about Missing Children's Day.)

Issue Spotlight: National Missing Children’s Day

  • HR 1300 Billy's Law authorizes funding for, and increases accessibility to, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, facilitates data sharing between such system and the National Crime Information Center database of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, provides incentive grants to help facilitate reporting to such systems.
  • SRes 449 A resolution calling on all governments to assist in the safe return of children abducted from or wrongfully retained outside the country of their habitual residence.
  • HR 1978 The Recovering Missing Children Act (and S 246) permit the disclosure of certain tax return information for the purpose of missing or exploited children investigations.
  • S 1792 The Strengthening Investigations of Sex Offenders and Missing Children Act clarifies the authority of the United States Marshal Service to assist other Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in the investigation of cases involving sex offenders and missing children.
  • S 225 The Access to Information About Missing Children Act permits the disclosure of certain information for the purpose of missing child investigations.
  • HR 2688 The Runaway Reporting Improvement Act requires certification of State and law enforcement agency reports related to missing children, to require that certain information be provided to individuals reporting a missing child.
  • HR 4305 The Child and Elderly Missing Alert Program authorizes the Attorney General to provide a grant to assist Federal, State, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies in the rapid recovery of missing individuals.
  • S 596 The Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act establishes a grant program to benefit victims of sex trafficking.

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Please keep in mind that highlighting a bill doesn't imply a POPVOX endorsement in any way. Rather, we're simply trying to offer one more way to stay informed of an overwhelmingly complex legislative system.

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